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About the Author

Travis Perry



Travis is the visionary for Big Dream Books and has prepared for the relaunch of his first literary adventure.

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"Always give your best & I will be proud"

- Clifford Perry Jr. Grandfather

Travis Perry is a children’s book author and founder of Big Dream Books. With his career as an author spanning for only a few years, Travis has been working in the education industry for 7 years and has a passion for working with children since his teenage years. From starting in the field as an intern, to working at Maggie’s Morning School childcare facility, to now working as a certified special education teacher and writing children’s books; Mr. Perry is excited for how he will be able to impact students all over the world with his books. 


Inspired by his love of children, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Ashford University. Mr. Perry is currently, studying to receive his master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Liberty University. He is the youngest child of two hardworking parents, mother Dr. Merry Perry, and father Clifford Perry who is retired (and best cook there is).  He is married to his wife of 6 years, Brittany Perry, who is an Elementary School Teacher. They have two beautiful boys together, Triston who is 6 and Tahj who is 2.


One of Mr. Perry’s favorite quotes come from the great Dr. Seuss. He once said “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Mr. Perry believes the love of reading roots from childhood enjoyment of reading. This is why he chose children’s books. His books strive to inspire children to constantly use their imagination, and to experience life through an honest assessment of the present and a realized possibility of the future. Through his books, he wants to teach children that they can “Dream Big” by believing in themselves. Using his own children as inspiration, along with his passion for teaching children and witnessing them grow and learn, he wrote his first children's book "I Am". With many more children's books in the works, he's determined to continue to create children’s books that will uplift, teach, inspire, and challenge children to face their fears and be the best they can be. There is so much power in books, all you have to do is open them! 


In addition to writing children books, Travis enjoys traveling, spending time with family, bowling, reading, and mediating. He currently resides in Port Wentworth, Ga with his family.

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